FAQs - Paula Maguire series


Are there going to be more books?

There will be six in total - I'm currently working on the last one, which has the working title The Killing House. 


There is also Controlled Explosions, an e-novella set in 1998, which follows Bob Hamilton through a week of riots and fires, and explains how Paula and Aidan first got together.


How do you pronounce ‘Saoirse’ and ‘Fiacra’?

Saoirse means ‘freedom’ in Irish, and is pronounced like ‘Seer-sha’. Fiacra is pronounced ‘Fay-kra’. 


Is Paula based on you? 

I wish! We are roughly the same age (I was born in 1981, Paula the year before), but I am 5’3 and sadly don’t have red hair. Nor do I have two lovely men in love with me….


Why are the books set in a fictional town? 

Ballyterrin is a place I made up, though it could be found in roughly the same place as Newry, my home town. This is so I can get some distance (eg the mayor of Newry is a real person and I don’t want to write about real people!) and also because Newry is predominantly Catholic, which wouldn’t be as interesting to write about. Ballyterrin also has a slightly higher crime rate (though Newry does its best). 


Who would play the characters on TV? 

Definitely not Colin Farrell for Aidan, as was suggested to me by one book group….I’m not sure but I always picture Rupert Penry-Jones as Guy and maybe Karen Gillan as Paula. 


Who is the father of Paula’s baby? 

This question is answered in A Savage Hunger


What’s happened to Paula’s mother? 

All the answers to this will be revealed in Book 6. 


Why does The Dead Ground have such a harrowing prologue? 

Um, I wish I knew. Exposure to Stephen King at too young an age? 


Do you visit libraries/book shops/book groups? 

Yes indeed, please contact me.  




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