Scripts and other writing




A hilarious re-imagining of Pride and Prejudice, told through the social media posts and texts of the characters. Capital! Check out Pride and Prejudice on Social Media here. 




The Vanishing Triangle, my first non-fiction work, will be available as an Audible exclusive from 1st April. It looks at a series of real-life disappearances in Ireland in the mid-nineties. 

I've also had several dramas broadcast on Radio 4. 

TV and film 

I was the 2018 Nickelodeon International Writing Fellow, spending six months in LA, and have also placed in a number of competitions. I have several original scripts in development with production companies. I also shot a short film, JOY, in 2021. 


  • Winner, Nickelodeon Writing Fellowship 

  • Winner, Stellify All-Ireland Media Prize

  • Finalist, RTE Storyland 2021

  • Finalist, Sundance Episodic Lab (final 20 of 3,000)

  • Finalist, Dancing Ledge Writer in Residence scheme

  • Finalist, BBC The Break

  • Short-listed, C21 drama competition 

  • Short-listed, BBC Drama Room

  • Long-listed, BBC Comedy Room

  • Short-listed, Screenwriting Goldmine

  • Second Round Austin Film Festival (TV)


I've written pieces for Glamour, Grazia, Marie Claire, the Daily Mail, Stylist, Stella magazine, and the Irish Examiner, among others. Here's a short selection of my work.