Welcome to the website for thriller writer Claire McGowan, who also writes as Eva Woods.

About Me

Hello, thanks for looking up my website. I'm a writer and lecturer but mostly a writer -since the day I first figured out that the words in Dick and Jane said 'Look, Dick! Look, Jane!' (a vitally important text), books and words have been my life. I love to read them, write them, and help other people write some too. I write crime fiction as Claire McGowan and contemporary women's fiction as Eva Woods. Go to my blog to read more of my musings about writing and the creative process. 


I also write scriptsarticles, and endless to-do lists. I'd love to say I have tons of cool other hobbies but really, I don't. I am convinced that when I die it will be by being crushed by a gigantic stack of books. 


I was born in Northern Ireland and now live in London, where I spend a lot of time dodging urban foxes and tutting at people who are too slow on escalators. I like to think of myself as being a cross between Jessica Fletcher (only slightly younger), Carrie Bradshaw (only with fewer shoes), and Sylvia Plath (only more....alive).

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